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[Danganronpa OC] Naomi Niuu (Profile) by FemaleSinner45 [Danganronpa OC] Naomi Niuu (Profile) by FemaleSinner45

(I'm wishing I can draw more and do more Zombie/Possessed pictures....well only for :iconhsien-kolover: since he wants them...I'm running out of ideas to do them since I do have to make Phila, Eopshin, etc in the FE14 sprite format [Which I'm not excited to do] but I will try [and I mean try] to do them. But Yeah during a whole weekend of doing nothing of staying in my room and making crappy MyRoom FE14 portraits with Danganronpa characters I only draw one thing.....I hate life sometimes but anyways here you all go! Another (probably crappy) OC straight from the hell's of Danganronpa! I hope you enjoyed...)

"I'm Naomi Niuu! Ultimate Sniper! Reporting for duty!"

First Name: Naomi (ナオミ)
Last Name: Niuu (ニュー)
Age: 17-18
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'5” (165 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Waist (cm): 67 cm
Hips (cm): 89 cm
Chest (cm): 83 cm
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Short, boy-like, down to the beginning of her neck, always seen as messy.
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: Sniper

Physical Description--

On Head: Nothing
On Neck: A silver bullet necklace
On Torso: An opened white button up shirt with a black v-neck tee-shirt
On Both Wrists: Nothing.
On Waist: A dark blue school skirt.
On Both Feet: Black knee high socks and black knee high boots.

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unnamed
Twin Brother: Satoshi Niuu (Age: 17-18)
Personality and Actions--

Basic/Normal/Standard: Generally competitive and tomboyish. But is usually seen as an optimistic and usually excited person.
Seeing Murder: Will tear up and would do whatever she can to help find out who murdered that person.
Seeing Crush: Will show her gentler side but will try to seem cool and try to show off in front of them, but will always end falling or just be flustered and embarrassed with what she did.
When Tired: Has low patience, can get aggravated easily, and if she is in bed will always complain on how tired she is.
When Stressed: Has a case of trigger finger. If you surprise her or scare her she will quickly grab her gun and will shot dangerously close to your head.
When Nervous: Will bite her fingernails or just her finger.
When Afraid: Will tear up and be close to crying or can be see taking deep breathes.

Where can a person find them hanging out usually? Hotel Lobby on the First Island

Loves: Semi-automatic guns, cooking, and target practices
Likes: Takoyaki, comic books, and video games
Indifferent: Puppets, cats, and coffee
Dislike: Formal wear, tanning, and drawing
Hate: Planting, needles, and bugs
How she get's Murder--

Days after the execution of Gundham Tanaka, Okiku will kill Naomi Niuu in a fit of insanity for losing all of her closest and seeing all the murders and executions. She will throw three darts at Naomi, which hit her in the middle of the head and when she falls to the ground, she will stab her repeatable in the heart with the darts that pierced her head, then will take a pair of scissors and proceed to cut her tongue out. Not caring if she gets executed or found out she leaves the body how it is but takes her darts with her.

Her Execution (If she Killed Okiku instead of her killing Naomi)

[Target Practice]--

Naomi is seen in the middle of a shooting range with Monokuma targets all around around her, circling around her as she grips her pistols tightly in both her hands. Naomi then glares at the targets as she begins shooting at them all with hatred in her eyes. Naomi runs out of bullets, much to her dismay, as you see her face turn scared as the targets slowly crowd around her.

Naomi is then chained on a metal pole as many guns circle around her with Monokuma behind them as he's wearing a small military outfit. The guns start circling around her as they start shooting fake rounds making Naomi flinch and struggle more against the restraints. The guns starts firing bullets at her slowly at first but starts going faster and faster as the bullets start hitting her body as you can see her bloody heavily. The guns run out of bullets as you can see Naomi's dead body, still on the pole.


Bad Habits: Biting her nails
Talking Tics: None
Unconscious Habits: Sleep walking


As a child, Naomi lived with her father who was a military man and twin brother Satoshi; it is unknown if she had a mother or not. When she was the age of 12, her father taught her how to shot a gun and nothing but military stuff at a young age, resulting in her not knowing a lot of skills like drawing or how to do laundry. She was closest to her twin brother more than her father for the fact that he was more calmer but excitable than their father.

Naomi has said in one of her free time events that she was never able to join in on Sports Days for how she would get to serious and end up hurting others because of the military lessons that her father had given to her in her youth.

As a teen, Naomi attend Kisaragi Academy before thanks to her great sniper skills, getting enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Sniper, in Class 77-B.


(Will put her/his three closest friends.)
Kazuichi Soda

Despite Naomi consistently hiding and hanging out with Sonia both Kaizuichi and Naomi have a close friendship. Naomi is always amazed with Kaizuichi's mechanic skills while Kaizuichi is impressed(but scared) of Naomi's sniping skills, saying that she could probably kill 100 people with just one bullet for how good she is. Naomi likes scaring Kaizuichi, saying it gives her satisfactory whenever she does but doesn't know why, which he replies with she just likes scaring him because it gives her a kick.

Sonia Nevermind

Both are scarily close best friends, Sonia likes Naomi's tomboyish-ness and gets excited whenever she is seen doing target practice while Naomi likes Sonia's status and finds her entertaining and helps her hide when Kazuichi is looking for her. Naomi sometimes jokes with Sonia saying that she'd never expect to be friends with a real life foreign princess while Sonia goes a speech saying how she'd never expect to be friends with someone with such incredible skills with a gun like her.

Gundham Tanaka

Though never mentioned at all, Naomi and Gundham are friends but is never shown. Naomi is almost embarrassed by him because of how he acts and talks while Gundham doesn't think that she appreciates the dark arts and notices that she doesn't pay attention the speeches her gives on how he will conquer the world or just talks about his Four Dark Devas of Destruction. Despite that they are said to be friends...just not close friends.

Danganronpa (c) Spike Chunsoft
Naomi Niuu (c) :iconfemaleavatar45:
Base: Akane Owari
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Hsien-KoLover Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016
I appreciate that you're willing to go through with this. I promise, I will wait for as long as you need. But please try to have it done quickly, if at all possible at this point. I believe in you.
FemaleSinner45 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll try, don't worry!
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I'm counting on you for that, you know. I know you can do it. As Corrin would say, "I believe in you."
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Of course!
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